6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In PPC Agency For Your Business?


If you’re here, then you’ve probably been lured in by FOMO-inducing PPC stats.

65% of customers click on ads when purchasing a product online.

So you’re probably rearing to get on the PPC bandwagon too…

If not for questions like:

Should I hire a PPC agency?

What are the benefits of hiring a PPC agency?

Are PPC agencies worth the investment?

The answer is a resounding yes.

According to research, every dollar spent on smart PPC advertising generates an average of $2 in sales. That’s a 200% ROI on your campaign!

But you don’t have to don’t just go based on one random statistic.

Discover the 6 key benefits of hiring a PPC agency for your business. 

(And then find out if a PPC agency is the best choice for your business.)

1. Reliable expertise:

An obvious benefit of hiring PPC agency. But a highly underrated one.

Pay-per-click ads sound simple enough. But they are a vast mine of untold treasures that only a few know how to navigate.

Just the number of paths for you to choose from is enough to give you an anxiety-induced headache.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing, Quora, etc…. Even knowing which platform is best for your campaign required deep industry knowledge.

Not to mention that they all have their own unique rules and algorithms for PPC.

So add on the varied knowledge and skills needed to successfully run a campaign on each of them.

To make matters worse, these algorithms are constantly evolving. What worked for your campaign last month, might not work for you this month.

So your PPC campaign strategies will also need to keep evolving to ensure they continue to drive traffic and conversions without compromising ROI.

All this to say, that PPC isn’t an amateur’s game.

For a truly successful campaign, you will need someone who is highly experienced in PPC, like a PPC expert, or even better a PPC agency, to run your campaigns.

2. Better campaign ROI:

An outcome of the previous feature is not just a successful campaign…

But a campaign where your ROI is constantly being improved.

So you don’t end up with high traffic, but low profit from a campaign.

With niche expertise, PPC agencies are best positioned to help you improve your targeting precision and campaign accuracy.

They are able to identify money-draining elements (like low-intent keywords) in the campaign and nip them in the bud.

Plus they identify the crucial elements of successful campaigns and improve on them to deliver even better ROI.

So you don’t just get a traffic-driving campaign. You get a profitable, high-converting campaign that boosts your quarterly figures.

3. Ensures seamless campaign management:

Contrary to what you might think, a PPC campaign isn’t just a once-and-done activity.

The ads won’t run themselves once the campaign is created. They will need constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure they are fully optimized for maximum ROI.

This means activities like:

  • Ensuring copy and creative alignment
  • Refining audience targeting
  • Optimizing offer
  • A/B testing CTA’s
  • Performance monitoring
  • and more…

All of which will be expertly managed as part of the all-inclusive benefits of hiring a PPC agency.

4. Expandable capacity:

It’s fairly obvious: A small PPC agency of even 10 people has much more bandwidth than a solo freelance PPC expert.

A solo PPC expert might be able to help set up a single campaign.

But it is unlikely that they have the capacity to handle multiple campaigns, across platforms; and then the time to manage each of those campaigns after launch.

The few solo PPC experts that do offer such white-glove services are hard to find, and charge a hefty fee for their time and services.

The real benefit of hiring a PPC agency on the other hand is it’s expandable team, which can grow and shrink based on your campaign needs.

So whether you have multiple campaigns for a big sale coming up, or regular traffic-driving campaigns, an agency will be able to handle all your needs.

5. Reduced employee costs:

Now you’re probably wondering, “Why don’t I just hire someone in-house to handle PPC?”

You could.

And they definitely come with certain benefits.

They will be focused on running and optimizing your campaigns full time. And it will probably be easier for them to coordinate with your marketing and creative team while running campaigns.

But in-house PPC experts also come with their own baggage.

To start with, they need to be paid, on average, a salary of $55,540 per year.

But the real burden comes with the unseen expenses.

The costs of a full-time employee is much more than just their salary.

These include the likes of:

  • Bonuses: Annual or Quarterly
  • Insurance: Health, dental, and life
  • PTO (Paid time off)
  • Retirement account matching
  • Payroll taxes (like Social Security, unemployment, etc.)
  • Office space and transport
  • Tech: Laptops, software licenses, maintenance, etc.
  • Additional perks and benefits

And finally the cincher: enough work to keep them employed full time.

If you are an SMB or a business that runs sales at only specific times of the year, then you probably won’t have enough work to justify a full-time PPC hire.

So to your rescue, come PPC agencies. The benefit of hiring a PPC agency is that they charge you a fraction of the cost, and offer the same services to you on-demand.

And if you find the average PPC agency out of your budget, you can find and work with offshore PPC agencies. These will deliver the same quality of work for much lower rates.

6. Reduced management time

Finally, we come down to your time.

Whether you are running your own PPC campaigns, or have an in-house team to handle them… You can expect to dedicate a ton of precious time and resources to managing them.

The amount of coordination and sign-offs that are needed to run an in-house PPC campaign, can never be overstated.

From keyword selection to bid amount, you can expect every single decision and detail to be analyzed in meetings.

Meetings and decisions that either you will have to preside over personally, or hire a campaign coordinator to supervise.

All of this is time and energy you can instead dedicate to focusing on business growth and expansion.

After all, you didn’t start a business to run high-ROI PPC campaigns.

So let the PPC pros handle that, while you focus on what you do best: running a business.

With so many compelling benefits of hiring a PPC agency, it’s hard to imagine business growth without a PPC agency to run your campaigns.

But one final question probably still lingers in your head…

Does my business need a PPC agency?

Well, we can’t answer that for you.

But we can help you figure out for yourself if your business needs a PPC agency.

PPC agencies are best for:

  • For businesses that care about results and ROI
  • For businesses that are ready to scale and grow
  • For businesses that want to, not just muddle along, but actually outperform their competition
  • For businesses that don’t have the capacity or need to hire a full-time PPC expert
  • For businesses that don’t have expandable marketing budgets to test and learn from their own experiments
  • For business owners who want to focus on growth and expansion, and not waste time figuring out this “PPC thing”

And finally, before we leave you… Here are some closing notes for you to take forward.

How to choose the right PPC agency for your business:

Before you get down to drilling Google for the best PPC agency, keep these PPC agency hiring tips in mind.

  • Be clear on your campaign goals, budget, and KPIs
  • Request case studies or results from the agency’s previous campaigns
  • Review testimonials and reviews from previous clients
  • Understand their process and strategies
  • Enquire about their communication and reporting systems
  • Ensure you have a good rapport with the team

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