Car Accidents Can be Life-Changing- Don’t Suffer in Silence!


The most common causes of car accidents are driver distraction, speeding, and drunk driving. Car accidents are constant occurrences on Los Angeles streets and freeways. When these accidents are catastrophic in nature, they may cause serious injuries or even death to one or more of the people involved.

Pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists are at particular risk of serious injury in a car accident. The speed, force, and location of impact in a car accident will typically determine what extent of injury a victim may sustain, although a combination of these and other factors may also make it seem as though luck is involved.

Experienced law firms handle all types of serious car accident claims throughout the Los Angeles area, including freeway accidents and high-speed or high-impact crashes that result in serious injuries or wrongful death. If you or a loved one was involved in a bad accident, a Los Angeles accident injury attorney at our offices can offer you a free initial consultation to talk about your legal options and file a personal injury claim.

Serious Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

There are a variety of different serious injuries that may result from a car accident. A victim may be at risk of internal bleeding, head trauma, brain injury, amputation, spinal cord injury, multiple bone fractures, organ damage, and more. Any of these injuries may impact a victim for life, leading to extensive hospitalization, surgery, a temporary or permanent disability, scarring or disfigurement, paralysis, and an unknown future.

Impact of Spinal Injuries

If another driver acted negligently in any way and caused your car accident, thus causing spinal injury, you may be able to bring a claim or lawsuit against that driver in order to recover financial damages for your injuries. This may cover medical care as well as any lost wages from missed work, damage to your vehicle and possibly more. With spinal cord injury claims, this is particularly important due to the costs of rehabilitation, continued therapy, and living with an injury of this magnitude.

Impact of Traumatic Brain Injuries

When an individual receives an injury to the brain resulting in a loss of consciousness for more than 6 hours, it is considered a traumatic brain injury or TBI. Perhaps the most common cause of TBIs is car, truck, or motorcycle accidents. Work-site accidents and personal violence against a person can result in a TBI as well. Due to the severity and possible consequences of these injuries, it is imperative that those who cause a TBI to another, through their own negligence, need to be held responsible for their actions.

A TBI can bring about serious impairments such as depression, sleep disorders, seizures, paralysis, partial or total loss of hearing or vision, plus memory and attention problems. These injuries can have permanent and harsh consequences and can result in wrongful death. An experienced, personal injury lawyer should be consulted to help recover the compensation you may now need to help the victim of a TBI.

Seek Legal Help in Catastrophic Injury Cases

A legal case involving a TBI or severe spinal injury must be thoroughly investigated as to the exact cause of the injury and who was at fault. In the case of a vehicle accident, police reports will need to be gathered and analyzed. Frequently, an onsite investigation of the accident site is needed to find and document what occurred. Witness statements can be an essential element in proving your case as well as documentation from hospitals and physicians as to the extent and severity of the injury.

Once the full information is gathered and reviewed, compensation can be sought. With disabling spinal injuries and TBIs, recovery can be lengthy and very costly. Rehabilitation can become a long-term part of any recovery program and if the victim can no longer work compensation should be paid for lost wages. TBIs can lead to other medical complications which need to be resolved as well. Insurance companies and others are frequently uncooperative when it comes to paying the full amount owed on claims. We are here to ensure you and your family has someone with experience who can fight on your behalf.

Let an experienced car accident injury lawyer help you in taking legal action against the driver who caused your catastrophic injuries. With effective legal help in recovering financial compensation, you may be able to get the money you need to begin rebuilding your life and moving on. Contact a personal injury attorney when the costs related to a traumatic spinal or brain injury continue to mount and you have not been fairly compensated for the effects of the damage.

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