Why Designing Your Own Site Can Be Hard and What Are the Options?

Web Designing
Web Designing

One of the primary concerns of those wanting to set up shop online is creating a website that is attractive, functional, and unique to their small business.

While there are several guides on how to build your own website from scratch, and website builders make the process relatively easy and doable, there are some downsides. Creating your website using generic website builders and without any technical know-how will only result in generic products.

If you want something more personalized and tailored to your precise specifications, it takes some time to master the platform and tools. After all, you need a website that has a professional appearance, performs well in search results, is easy to use and navigate, and eventually provides desirable outcomes in terms of leads and sales. Businesses can record 100% returns on investments in web design in London.

Here are the major reasons that make website designing hard for small business owners:

#1 The Costs Involved are High

While many templated website builders may advertise free or inexpensive services, this is rarely ever the case. First, the time spent personally creating and maintaining your website may have a direct financial impact on your small or one-person business. Second, most website builders only offer a limited free trial before exposing you to high monthly fees.

Third, most website builders are free to use only as long their advertisements and services come pasted all over your website unless you switch to an expensive hosting plan. Add to that the multiple unanticipated expenses around the web hosting, domain renewal, plugins, apps, and additional features, and the bill turns out to be sizable every year.

#2 Website Performance and Scalability Affected

Self-build, generic websites may be laced with significant design flaws that could snowball into bigger problems if unattended. The website is likely to have limited SEO potential that could directly affect your website’s visibility, rankings, and traffic. Even though several self-build websites come with built-in tools to optimize the site for search engines, doing so without expert guidance can be challenging and time taking unless you are sufficiently knowledgeable yourself.

Another aspect that is typical of DIY websites is that they are maintained on shared hosting. This frequently hampers your site experience with longer page loading times, which frustrates the visitor and increases bounce rates. 88% of visitors will leave a website if its content or appearance does not appeal to them.

#3 Lack of Technical Support for Maintenance

When you choose to build a website yourself using a default builder, the level of technical support at your disposal is generally non-existent. Website support is typically not included, so when you inevitably run into a problem with your site and need assistance, it will cost you additionally. Or else, it may take up a lot of your time as you spend hours rummaging through online tutorials and FAQs to gather information.

Often, the platform will connect you to an international call center upon support request, which results in lengthy wait periods for issues like website upgrades or bug fixes. In case you are running a one-person or small business with limited resources, this can turn out to be a considerable waste of your valuable time and money.

#4 It Might Lack a Professional Appearance

When building a website for your small business, one of the main priorities should be that the look and feel of the website emanate your credibility before potential clients. The website appearance should be professional yet unique and should help visitors deem you as a reliable organization.

Unfortunately, most self-build websites on DIY platforms appear identical to those created using the same templates, platform, and tools, taking away any uniqueness. There are limited options for customizing and improving the appearance, and blending into the one-size-fits-all aspect takes away your credibility and reliability.

#5 It Calls for a Huge Time Investment

Rome wasn’t built overnight. The same is true for websites. While website builders may offer an appealing promise of a ready-to-launch product in minutes, building a good website takes time. You have the option to either sit for multiple sessions for days, weeks, and months to refine your website or go with the typical product the platform builds for you “in minutes”, lacking in uniqueness, professionalism, branding, and SEO.

Combined, the above aspects make designing your own website a tough, time-consuming, and expensive process. Fortunately, there is a better alternative for you to consider – hiring a professional web design agency to design, build, and maintain your website.

The Better Alternative – Hiring a Web Agency

Your website is nothing less than one of the most important investments for your small business that can bring you leads, recognition, and customer loyalty. Naturally, it needs to be resourceful, appealing, functional, and effective for suitable outcomes over the long term.

This is why hiring a professional web design agency that can conjure a high-quality, high-performing website is a much better alternative to building a website on your own. Here’s how you stand to benefit from a professionally created website in the short and long terms.

  • Saves Your Precious Time: You can count on a web design agency to create a top-notch, custom website for you without having to worry about accommodating development-related activities into your busy schedule.
  • Gives You a Competitive Edge: You can rely on them to construct a dependable, quick, and responsive website that distinguishes your business from the competition and drives vital traffic to your website while drawing in new clients.
  • Ensures Scalability as You Grow: By working with a local web designer, you are collaborating with a professional who can assist you in figuring out exactly what you need to produce a site that performs at its peak. They will take your basic ideas and plan and put them into action while assisting you in the process.
  • Tailored to Your Brand and Vision: A reputable web design company can assist you in building a completely customized and one-of-a-kind website for your company. This website will differentiate itself from the competition and offer your audience a special experience.
  • Leverage their Expertise and Know-How: You’ll be better equipped to keep ahead of the curve by utilizing an agency’s expertise and knowledge of the most recent technology and trends. Additionally, you’ll gain the advantage of adding new features to your website at the touch of a button, something that could take days to figure out on your own.

Choose a Web Design Option that Suits Your Business Needs!

Websites are an absolute necessity for all businesses today, big or small. Your website’s design and capabilities should not only draw in visitors but also help convert them into leads by nurturing them over time. It is an essential component of your customer’s overall user experience.

Even though there are several ways to design a website, including self-development, hiring freelancers, or professional agencies, each approach offers varying degrees of project value. To choose the best solution for developing the website, keep in mind the goals, specifications, and overall budget of your business. Clearly, the benefits of hiring a professional web design agency are many.

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