BPSS Checks

BPSS Checks
BPSS Checks

Are you ready to unlock the doors to a secure and reliable workforce? Just as a sturdy lock keeps your valuables safe, BPSS checks from Checkback.co.uk act as a key to ensuring the trustworthiness and credibility of your potential hires.

But what exactly are BPSS checks and why should you prioritize them in your recruitment process?

In this discussion, we will delve into the significance of BPSS clearance, explore its components, and shed light on the steps involved in obtaining it.

Stay tuned to discover how these checks can safeguard your organization and elevate your hiring practices to new heights.

Who Needs BPSS Clearance?

If you’re looking to work in certain roles or industries in the UK, obtaining BPSS clearance is essential. This clearance is required for members of the UK armed forces, ensuring that those who serve our country have undergone thorough background checks.

It’s also necessary for UK civil servants, as they handle sensitive information and play a crucial role in government operations. Temporary staff within a government organization must also undergo BPSS clearance to ensure the safety and security of government functions.

Moreover, government contractors are mandated to have BPSS clearance, as they may have access to sensitive data or be involved in critical projects. Additionally, individuals applying for National Security Vetting (NSV) must obtain BPSS clearance. These checks help to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of individuals working in roles that involve national security.

What Is Included in a BPSS Check?

A BPSS check includes several key components to ensure the safety and security of individuals in sensitive roles.

First, it confirms an individual’s right to work in the UK, which is crucial for maintaining compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, a full identity verification is conducted using valid documents to establish the person’s true identity. This step helps prevent identity fraud and ensures that the individual is who they claim to be.

Furthermore, a basic DBS check for criminal records is included in a BPSS check. This is important in identifying any criminal history that may pose a risk to the organization or compromise the safety of others.

In addition to these checks, BPSS clearance also confirms a minimum of three years of employment history. This helps to establish a candidate’s professional background and ensure that they have the necessary experience for the role they’re being considered for.

Lastly, individuals are required to declare any period of 6 months or more spent overseas in the last 3 years as part of a BPSS check. This is essential in assessing any potential security risks associated with international travel or residency.

How to Apply for BPSS Checks?

To apply for BPSS checks, simply visit our website and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. Our eScreening portal provides a simple and secure means for applicants to initiate the application process. Whether you’re an employer applying on behalf of individuals or an individual seeking BPSS clearance, our user-friendly platform ensures a hassle-free experience.

To get started, employers can obtain a free BPSS quote on our website to understand the requirements and costs involved. This will help you make an informed decision before proceeding with the application. Once you have the necessary information, you can begin the online application process.

During the application, you’ll be asked to provide details for the verification of right to work, identity, criminal records, and employment history. It’s important to disclose any significant periods spent abroad as part of the employment history verification process. This comprehensive screening helps to ensure the authenticity and suitability of individuals seeking access to government assets.

After submitting the application, our expert team will review the information provided and carry out the necessary checks. We understand the importance of maintaining compliance with BPSS standards and strive to deliver the results in a timely manner.

Apply for BPSS checks today and enhance trust and safety in your recruitment processes.

How Long Does BPSS Clearance Take?

Now let’s explore the timeframe for BPSS clearance and how long it typically takes to complete the standard UK-based employee checks. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The standard UK-based employee BPSS checks are usually completed within 3-5 days. This timeframe ensures a thorough verification of an individual’s identity, right to work status, and employment history.
  • The complexity of an individual’s work history may affect the duration of BPSS clearance. If there are multiple employers or international work experience involved, it could take longer to gather and verify the necessary information.
  • Most overseas workers can have their BPSS checks completed within the standard 3-5 day timeframe. This ensures that employers can confidently hire international candidates without compromising security or compliance.
  • Manual verification of BPSS elements can be time-consuming, potentially causing delays in the hiring process. However, utilizing expert assistance, like the services we offer, can streamline the screening process and ensure a faster turnaround time.
  • Employers can obtain a free BPSS quote from us at Checkback to learn about the costs and required documents for clearance. This way, you can plan ahead and have a clear understanding of the timeframe and requirements for BPSS clearance.

The Importance of BPSS Security Clearance

BPSS security clearance plays a vital role in ensuring the trustworthiness and integrity of individuals with access to sensitive government assets. These checks are crucial in mitigating the risks associated with working with sensitive information. By confirming the identity and work rights of individuals, BPSS clearance provides assurance of their trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, and values required for the job. It helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and enhances trust and safety in decision-making processes.

Government contracts often require BPSS checks as a precautionary measure. Not carrying out these checks can result in fines and damage to the company’s reputation. Moreover, it increases the risk of hiring candidates with malicious intentions. BPSS clearance is seen as a necessary step to ensure the security of government assets and to maintain the integrity of the recruitment process.

What Happens After Getting BPSS Clearance?

After successfully obtaining BPSS clearance, you can expect expanded access to sensitive assets and increased opportunities for specialized roles.

Here’s what happens after you get BPSS clearance:

  • Access to UK OFFICIAL and occasional access to UK SECRET assets: With BPSS clearance, you may gain access to UK OFFICIAL assets and occasionally access UK SECRET assets. This opens up new possibilities for roles in areas with potential exposure to SECRET and TOP SECRET information.
  • Valid AC clearance for up to 5 years: After BPSS checks, you’ll receive AC clearance, which remains valid for up to 5 years. This clearance allows you access to an Airport Identification Card or UK air carrier Crew Identification Card, as well as UK aviation security training.
  • CTC or Level 1B clearance: Once granted CTC or Level 1B clearance, you can access posts with proximity to public figures at risk from terrorist attacks, valuable information for terrorists, and certain establishments at risk from terrorist attacks.
  • SC clearance for long-term access: SC clearance, achieved after BPSS checks, provides long-term, frequent, and uncontrolled access to SECRET assets. Additionally, you may have occasional, supervised access to TOP SECRET assets.
  • eSC clearance for additional assurance: For specific roles requiring an extra level of assurance over SC clearance, you may attain eSC clearance. This clearance offers regular uncontrolled access to SECRET assets and occasional, controlled access to TOP SECRET assets.

With your BPSS clearance, exciting opportunities and access to sensitive information await you. Make the most of your cleared status and explore the specialized roles available to you.

BPSS Clearance Cost and Certificate

The cost and certificate for BPSS clearance are essential components of the recruitment process for individuals with access to government assets. Obtaining BPSS clearance involves certain expenses that need to be taken into account. The exact cost can vary depending on factors such as the organization conducting the checks and any additional inquiries they may include. Typically, the cost ranges from £20 to £100 per person. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with conducting the necessary background checks and verifying the required information.

Once the BPSS checks have been completed and the individual is deemed eligible for clearance, they’ll receive a BPSS certificate. This certificate serves as proof that the individual has successfully passed the necessary checks and is cleared to access government assets. It’s an important document that demonstrates the individual’s trustworthiness and suitability for roles that involve handling sensitive information.

The BPSS certificate is usually valid for a certain period of time, typically around three to five years. After this period, individuals may be required to undergo the clearance process again to maintain their eligibility. It’s important to keep the certificate up to date and ensure that it’s renewed before it expires to avoid any disruptions in accessing government assets.


In conclusion, prioritizing BPSS checks in your recruitment process is crucial for safeguarding your company’s security and reputation. By conducting thorough clearances, you can ensure that only trustworthy individuals with the right to work and a clean employment history are hired.

Neglecting these checks can lead to severe consequences such as fines and potential hiring of candidates with malicious intentions. Don’t take any chances, register for free now and let’s guide you through the BPSS clearance process for peace of mind and confident hiring decisions.

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